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 August 11th, 2005

UPDATED! I just got the Engine to work a lot better. Instead of moving it up to 0.0.5a, I moved it up to 0.1.0b. Huge things have been added. It's awesome, use a standard txt file or sk1 file, type in the cords of triangle vertices, type in how many vertices you have, and a few other things and BAM, there you go.
I told you I'd try to keep the website updated as much as possible and so far I am. I've been working on the STKGL.H file but things are skipping around. I think I'll have version 0.0.5a by Saturday, but I'll post it on sunday cause of all the close shifts I'm working at work. If you have any questions or comments go to the contact page and contact me. I'll have to see if PHP scripts will work on the tripod website. The sit may be moving to another server like geocities, considering their banners don't overlap like Tripod's does. Good luck you guys.

 August 9th, 2005

Ok, I'm putting forth an effort to keep this site updated. I'm thinking about just changing the whole look using Dreamweaver on my Mac. I've got some exciting news though. I'm adding a Projects section to the navigation bar. I've started working on a C++ class entity to help program OpenGL Programs. Right now I've developed a way to load Model Files using a simple text file that only has numbers in it. I'm going to post it tonight. Right now the entire thing is 0.0.1a. I've been on an OpenGL kick. Visit to learn OpenGL. You can use a Mac, PC, Solaris OS, Linux, etc. with OpenGL. Look for new sections.

August 7th, 2005

Today I started up a new site using a Tripod template. Here you'll find specific information relating to different OS's: mainly including (but not limited to) Mac OS X, Windows, and FreeDOS. Topics related to scripting and programming. Books that I recommend reading to learn about various topics. How-To FAQ's to do some cool things such as, making a webpage look like your windows screen, complete with clickable start bar that actually shows up. Yes it's cheap and only works with how you work on it. I'll try to find some tools on both PC and Mac that you can use to make things a bit easier for all of these items. I'll review specific Open Source programs, freeware, and shareware programs. I'll try to update this site everyday. If you would like to join the mailing list, see the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you.



Updated August 9th 2005